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Pennsylvania driver's examination

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 18
Passing score: 15
Directions: The Knowledge Test will measure your knowledge of traffic signs, Pennsylvania’s driving laws and safe driving practices. The Knowledge Test can be given in oral form and in Spanish, upon request, at all Driver License Centers across the commonwealth. If you fail the Knowledge Test, you will be permitted to retake the test the following business day. This test needs to be successfully completed before you can receive a valid learner’s permit
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On two-lane, two-way streets or highways, you should start left turns:
Close to the centerline.
Close to the outside line.
In the right lane.
From any lane.
When driving on wet roads, you should:
Drive the speed limit.
Drive slightly faster than the speed limit.
Reduce your speed by five to ten miles per hour.
Stay close to the vehicle ahead.
If you are stopped by a police officer, you should:
Unbuckle your seat belt and lower your window.
Get your paperwork ready before the officer reaches your car.
Stay in your vehicle with your hands on the steering wheel and wait for the officer to approach you.
Get out of your car and walk toward the patrol car.
When traveling more slowly than 40 miles per hour on a limited-access highway, you should:
Drive on the shoulder.
Use your high beams.
Sound your horn to warn others.
Use your four-way flashers.
If your blood alcohol level is .04 percent, you:
Are two to seven times more likely to have a crash than a person who has not consumed any alcohol.
Are above the legal blood alcohol limit but fine to drive.
Can be very sure that you will drive safely.
Should drink plenty of coffee before getting behind the wheel of your car.
The posted speed limit shows:
district of columbia speed limit 25 road sign
Only a recommended driving speed.
The exact speed at which you must travel to avoid a ticket.
The maximum safe driving speed under ideal road and weather conditions.
The maximum safe driving speed under all road conditions.
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