Maine driver's examination

(From the 2018 Maine driver handbook)
Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 60
Passing score: 48
Directions: The Maine written test measures your understanding and knowledge of traffic laws, regulations, driving skills and vehicle handling, as well as your ability to identify and understand highway signs. Special emphasis is placed on understanding Maine’s drinking and driving laws.

The Maine written test consists of 50 knowledge test questions and also 10 question road sign test . The passing rate for the Maine Written test is set at 80%
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
2 or fewer road sign errors
10 or fewer road rules errors
A broken yellow center line indicates:
passing is not permitted
passing is permitted on the right when the way ahead is clear
passing is permitted on the left when the way ahead is clear
This sign means:
All traffic turn left.
No left turn.
No U-turn.
Truck route to the left.
This sign means:
you can travel in either direction in this lane
there is two way traffic
you are approaching a divided highway
If you are following a school bus or tank truck, you should
Pass them on the right.
Be prepared to stop at all railroad crossings.
Expect them to drive above the speed limit.
Decrease your following distance.
Each time you pass a car, there is
More of a chance for collision.
Less of a chance for collision.
No more or less chance of a collision.
To avoid hydroplaning, you should:
Keep a constant speed
Apply the brakes as soon as the car starts to skid
Slow down
Before switching on the ignition, you should
Buckle your seat belt.
Be sure adult passengers have buckled their seat belts.
Be sure child passengers have buckled their seat belts.
All of the above.
When entering a freeway, you should look for a gap of _____ seconds.
One to two
10 to 15
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