Oklahoma driver's examination

(From the 2018 Oklahoma driver handbook)
Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 15
Directions: The Oklahoma law says that you must pass certain tests to show that you can drive a car or motorcycle legally and safely before you can get your Driver License. You apply for your license and take your tests at a Driver Testing Facility operated by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. For the Class D license, there are three tests: the vision screening, the written test, and the driving test for cars and motorcycles.

The questions for a Class D license test will be taken from the driver’s manual. You will be asked questions about Oklahoma traffic laws, safe driving practices, and drug and alcohol laws/effects. The Alabama written test consists of 20 questions. A passing score consist of at least 15 correct answers. If you fail the written test, by law you must wait at least one day before retesting.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
When approaching an accident scene, you should:
Keep your attention on your driving
Keep moving
Stop if you are involved or if emergency help has not arrived
All of the above
What does a Lane Control Signal with a steady yellow X above a reversible lane indicate?
The signal is about to change to a red X.
The signal is about to change to a green arrow.
Drivers may drive normally in this lane.
Drivers may drive slowly in this lane.
Broken yellow lines (dashes) are used on streets and highways to:
Indicate no passing zones.
Separate lanes of traffic moving in the same direction.
Separate lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions.
This sign means:
Low clearance
Fines double in work zone
No left turn
Do not block intersection
When driving, you should look ______ ahead.
One minute
45 seconds
15 to 20 seconds
10 seconds
When should you drive in a reversible lane with a Lane Control Signal showing a red X?
If there is no visible oncoming traffic.
If you are passing the car in front of you.
Between sunset and sunrise.
To avoid glare from headlights of an approaching car:
Keep looking briefly to the side of the road
Stay focused on the center line on the road
Flash your high beams
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