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Idaho Drivers Test Practice 2021

(From the 2021 Idaho driver handbook)
Number of tests: 24
Number of questions: 40
Passing score: 34
Directions: When you apply for a Idaho DMV driver’s license or instruction permit as required, you will be given a test consisting of several parts, with all of them being compulsory. You will be required to answer questions about traffic laws and to identify certain signs by their shape, color, or the symbol appearing on them. The questions are based on the information provided in the Idaho driver's manual. Studying the manual before taking sample DMV driver's tests is highly recommended.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors

Alcohol causes:

Loss of concentration.
Poor coordination.
Slower judgment.
All of the above.

A driver entering public traffic from a driveway or private road:

Has the right-of-way.
Should yield to drivers already on the public road.
May force their way into traffic.
Can assume that other drivers will change lanes to make room.

When driving on slick roads, you should:

Take turns more slowly than usual.
Change lanes quickly.
Accelerate quickly.
Brake hard.

When driving through school zones:

Never travel faster than 10 miles per hour.
Expect students to yield the right-of-way to vehicles.
Drive the same speed during school hours and hours when school is not in session.
Observe posted school zone speed limits.

You may pass another vehicle if the line dividing your lane from the lane you wish to enter is a ____ line.

Broken white
Double solid yellow
Solid yellow
Solid white

When driving in bad weather, drivers should:

Increase their speed to reach their final destination more quickly.
Decrease their following distance.
Increase their following distance.
None of the above.

This sign means:

pennsylvania flagger ahead road sign
Pedestrians ahead.
End of construction zone.
School crossing ahead.
Flagger ahead.

If your wheels drop off the pavement and onto the shoulder of the road, you should:

Brake hard and turn sharply back onto the pavement.
Stop your car on the edge of the road.
Slow down and very carefully turn back onto the pavement.
Maintain your speed and turn sharply back onto the pavement.
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Idaho DMV Practice Test 2021

Are you getting ready to take your Idaho Driver test?  At DMV-written-test, it’s our job to make sure you’re prepared for your Idaho permit exam.  We specialize in administering Idaho practice drivers tests.  More generally we assist people in all 50 states.  We help thousands every month in getting through their Idaho permit process.  With our Idaho DMV practice tests, there’s virtually no way that you’ll not be prepared for your trip to the DMV.  We even have learning options for you.  This ensures you're free to prepare for your Idaho drivers test in your own way.  

All of our practice exam questions are from previously administered drivers tests in 2021.  That means that all of our exams feature real DMV Idaho test questions.  These questions and answers are first crowdsourced by your fellow drivers who have already passed their permit exams.  We then fact check these questions for accuracy.  At the end of the day you’re taking an Idaho DMV practice test that has real questions that you will see on the test.  

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How to Get Your Idaho Learner’s Permit

The first step to getting on the road is to get your Idaho Learner’s permit.  By definition and by law, a supervised learner’s permit (SIP) is the primary step to getting your full Idaho driver’s license.  

The state of Idaho participates in a Graduated Drivers License program due to the high rate of teenage incidents and fatalities nationwide.  Also known as the GDL program, the Idaho Graduated Drivers License program guides drivers by enabling a full driver’s license in stages.  This is designed to help drivers learn more effectively and be more responsible.  The first stage in getting a driver’s license and completing the Idaho GDL is the Idaho Learner’s Permit test.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Get a Learner’s Permit in Idaho?

To get your learner’s permit in Idaho you must be at least 14 years and 6 months of age.  Age does not impact the speed or ease of the testing or driver’s education if you are under the age of 18.

What Paperwork Will I Need to Get My Idaho Learner's Permit?

To get your learner’s permit in Idaho you’ll need to prove some aspects of your identity and provide the Idaho DMV with the following documents:
  1. Proof of Age and Identity (Birth Certificate or US Passport Work best)
  2. Proof of Legal Presence in the US
  3. Proof of Idaho Residency - 2 Document (School Enrollment Records, Pay Stubs, and Bank Statements)
  4. Proof of Social Security (Social Security Card)
  5. Proof of High School Enrollment
  6. Signed Consent form by a parent or legal guardian. (Parent must bring form of ID)
If you’re still confused about what to bring to your permit test, the Idaho DMV provides a list of ID-compliant documents. You do not need to pass a written test to obtain your first learner’s permit in Idaho.  You will have to pass both a written permit test and a road test when you apply for your restricted driver’s license.  This written test is commonly referred to as the permit test.

How Much Does an Idaho Learner’s Permit Cost?

An Idaho Learner’s permit is comparable to the cost you will pay in all 49 other states.  To get your Idaho Learner’s permit you will need to pay a $15 permit fee as well as a $6.50 administrative fee.  These are payable by check, money order, cash, or credit/bank card.

How Many Questions Are on the Idaho Permit Test?

The DMV written test occurs when you apply for your restricted driver’s license in Idaho.  The DMV Idaho written knowledge test is 40 questions long.  You must get 34 questions correct to pass the test.  This is an accuracy rate of 85%.

All of the questions on the DMV Idaho written test include road rules, highway signage, traffic signals and right of way, roadway markings, safe driving practices, and motor vehicle maintenance.  These topics are covered here at extensively.  They are also available with our Idaho DMV cheat sheet premium offering.

What Happens If I Fail My Idaho Permit Test?

Not everyone is able to pass their Idaho permit test on the first attempt for a variety of reasons.  If you fail your first attempts at the Idaho permit test, you have a chance to take the test two more times in a 90 day span.  You will be subject to a fee each time you retake the test.  If you fail your Idaho permit test three times, the application will be closed.  You will need to repeat your permit process and all requirements from the beginning.

Failing your Idaho permit test at the DMV can be costly in both time and money.  Make sure you virtually guarantee you pass by purchasing our premium Idaho DMV cheat sheet.  For a minimal cost, you can get access to all of the questions and answers from the Idaho DMV permit test in pdf form.

Idaho Learner’s Permit Driving Restrictions

There are a number of restrictions you will have to adhere to when you get your Idaho Learner’s permit.  When you first receive your permit, you may only drive with your Drivers Education instructor.  After you complete your Drivers Ed class, you will be allowed to drive with any licensed driver as long as they are 21 years of age and sober. 

At all times all passengers must be wearing seat belts.  You must have your SLP.  Your supervised learner’s permit will be canceled if you violate any traffic laws or any restrictions set forth by the permit itself.

Drivers Education in Idaho

You must take Drivers Education if you are younger than 17 years of age and applying for a driver’s license.  One may sign up for Drivers Ed in Idaho at the same age that they can apply for their learner’s permit: 14 ½.  

Drivers Ed is administered by both high schools and professional driving schools.  High school offerings have become rarer as budget cuts have hit states across the country.  It is more common to take Drivers Ed with a private driving school that specializes in administering education for new drivers.

Your course will consist of both classroom sessions and in-car instruction.  Idaho Drivers Education courses are 30 hours of classroom training, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice with a certified instructor, and 6 hours of observation.  Coursework includes content on traffic laws, sharing the road, basic vehicle maneuvers, basic vehicle operation and maintenance, and defensive driving techniques.  Once Drivers Education is completed, you should have a strong foundation of the knowledge necessary to be a responsible Idaho driver.