North Dakota driver's examination

Number of tests: 14
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 20
Directions: The North Dakota written test covers the rules of the road and safe driving practices. Questions are taken from the information in the driver manual. The test includes identification of traffic signs by shape, color or symbol; identification of signals and pavement markings; and questions about traffic laws, safety rules, crash prevention and vehicle equipment.

The North Dakota written test consists of 25 questions. A passing score consist of at least 20 correct answers (80%). The written test fee is $5.
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5 or fewer errors
What is the most important driving technique to avoid crashes when driving in icy or snowy conditions?
Add extra weight to the vehicle to improve traction.
Reduce speed and increase following distance
Get off the highways as quickly as possible.
Engage 4 wheel drive on the vehicle.
This road sign means
winding road ahead
a road joins from the right
the road ahead turns sharply right then sharply left
sharp right turn
This sign means:
Workmen in road.
School crossing
Pedestrian crossing.
Car drivers should know that large trucks
have large blind spots or "no zones"
all of the above
can stop quicker than passenger vehicles
do not need more room to maneuver
When you are being “tailgated”;
if there is not an open lane to your right, wait until the way is clear ahead, and reduce speed slowly to encourage the tailgater to drive around you
if there is an open lane to your right, move over to the right
all of the above
never slow down quickly
“Hydroplaning” is best described as:
Your tires causing sheets of water to splash on passing vehicles.
Your tires throwing water to the rear, causing problems for following vehicles.
Your tires actually floating on a film of water.
Your tires pushing water out of their paths.
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