Florida driver's examination

(From the 2018 Florida driver handbook)
Number of tests: 12
Number of questions: 50
Passing score: 40
Directions: When applying for a Florida driver's license, applicants must take and successfully pass a a knowledge exam.

The test will include questions about traffic laws and traffic signs. You must have 40 correct answers to pass. (80%)
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Passing grade —
10 or fewer errors
When approaching a steady yellow light, drivers should
Accelerate to avoid a red light.
Continue driving, as they have the right-of-way.
Slow to a stop, unless they are already within the intersection.
Check to see what the car next to them is doing.
A driver entering public traffic from a driveway or private road
Has the right-of-way.
Should yield to drivers already on the public road.
May force their way into traffic.
Can assume that other drivers will change lanes to make room.
When you drive through an area where children are playing, you should expect them:
To know when it is safe to cross
To stop at the curb before crossing the street
To run out in front of you without looking
Not to cross unless they are with an adult
Round signs indicate
No passing zones.
School zones.
Upcoming railroad crossings.
This sign means:
Warning, watch for drunk drivers.
Warning, curves ahead.
Warning, slippery when wet.
Apply your brakes quickly.
If a gate near a drawbridge is about to lower across the road,
Find a way around the gate.
Quickly drive under the lowering gate.
Come to a complete stop and wait for the gate to rise before you proceed.
Stop only if you cannot pass underneath the gate before it lowers completely.
If you are convicted for driving under the influence and it is your first conviction, you may be subjected to
Only a fine.
A fine and community service.
A fine, community service, and jail time.
A fine, community service, jail time, DUI school, license revocation, and an Ignition Interlock Device.
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