Nebraska driver's examination

(From the 2018 Nebraska driver handbook)
Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 20
Directions: To obtain a driver's license in Nebraska, you will be required to complete a data form, a vision test, and in some cases, a driving skills test. You may be required to take a knowledge test on driving laws and regulations if: you are applying for your first Nebraska license, can't present a valid out-of-state license, or if your Nebraska license is expired over one year.

This knowledge test is designed to familiarize you with the format of the driver's license test on laws and regulations in Nebraska.
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Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in a residential district is:
20 miles per hour
25 miles per hour
30 miles per hour
When double solid yellow lines mark the center of the road and separate oncoming traffic:
passing is permitted on the left.
passing is permitted on the right.
passing is not allowed in either direction.
To pass on a two-lane road, you should:
Sound your horn as you pass
Flash your headlights as you pass
Judge the distance to the first oncoming vehicle
What is the penalty for fleeing to avoid arrest?
The driver can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense
The driver could have his/her operator's license revoked
All of the above.
Children up to age eighteen are prohibited from riding in cargo areas.
What effect does drinking alcohol and taking a prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine have?
The medicine reduces the effect of the alcohol.
The alcohol will help the medicine cure the cold.
The combination could multiply the effects of the alcohol.
No effect, they are different substances.
Nebraska law requires that individuals who change their name or address shall apply to the County Treasurer for a replacement operator's license within ___ days.
When passing a vehicle, you should return to your lane when:
You can see both its headlights in your rearview mirror.
You have cleared the front bumper of the passed vehicle.
You are 50 feet in front of the passed vehicle.
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