Missouri driver's examination

(From the 2018 Missouri driver handbook)
Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 20
Directions: The Missouri driver examination consists of a four-part test:
  • A written test on traffic laws and rules for safe driving
  • A vision test
  • A road sign test
  • A driving test (skills)
Carefully studying the Missouri Driver Guide will increase your driving confidence and broaden your knowledge of Missouri traffic laws. The more knowledge you have, the safer you are!

The written test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You must correctly answer 20 questions to pass the test. All of the test questions come directly from information found in the Missouri Driver guide.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
This sign tells you that:
No turns are allowed on this road
The road narrows ahead
There are a series of curves ahead
The road may be slippery when wet
To insure that your physical condition does not cause you to drive in an unsafe manner you should:
Keep physically fit and have regular physical examinations.
Know the effect of any medicine on your driving ability.
Drive within your physical limitations.
All of the above.
When entering a highway from an entrance ramp, you should generally:
Enter above the speed of traffic to get ahead
Enter slowly to avoid other vehicles
Stop first, then slowly enter traffic
Accelerate to the speed of traffic
A flashing red light on a traffic signal means:
the same thing as a stop sign
the traffic signal is broken
you do not have to come to a complete stop
driving conditions are dangerous
Your brake lights tell other drivers that you:
Are making a turn
Have your emergency brake on
Are changing lanes
Are slowing down or stopping
Always signal when:
Changing lanes.
Pulling in or out of a parking space.
Pulling into traffic from a parking area or alley.
All of the above.
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