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Practice Driving Test Missouri 2021

(From the 2021 Missouri driver handbook)
Number of tests: 24
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 20
Directions: When you apply for a Missouri MVD driver’s license or instruction permit as required, you will be given a test consisting of several parts, with all of them being compulsory. You will be required to answer questions about traffic laws and to identify certain signs by their shape, color, or the symbol appearing on them. The questions are based on the information provided in the Missouri driver's manual. Studying the manual before taking sample DMV driver's tests is highly recommended.
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5 or fewer errors

You are turning onto a two-lane road divided by a broken yellow line. You know immediately that:

You are on a two-way road.
You are on a one-way road.
The road is under repair.
You must stay to the left of the broken yellow lines.

Coming to a complete stop at an intersection, yielding to cross traffic/pedestrians, and then proceeding through the intersection when the way is clear corresponds with:

A solid red light.
A flashing yellow light.
A solid green light.
A flashing red light.

This sign means:

indiana winding road road sign
Winding road.
No parking.
Right lane closed.
Multiple turns.

If an officer is directing traffic at a working traffic light, drivers should:

Follow the directions indicated by the traffic light.
Follow the directions given by the officer.
Honk at the officer.
Check to see what the cars next to them are doing.

To check your blind spot when changing lanes to the left, you should glance:

Over your right shoulder.
At your side mirror.
Over your left shoulder.
At your rearview mirror.

The fee for an instruction permit is:

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Missouri Permit Test Practice

Are you getting ready to take your Missouri DMV permit test?  You’ve come to the right place for Missouri driver’s test prep.  You won't take a bigger test when it comes to gaining rights as a U.S. Citizen. It’s important to take the Missouri driver’s License Test seriously and make sure you’re prepared.  Taking a permit practice test is one of the best ways to guarantee you’ll succeed in your efforts to attain your MO permit.

A Missouri permit practice test at is the best possible way to get ready for your Missouri Permit Test.  Our practice tests are crowdsourced and come straight from your peers who have already passed their exams in 2021.  That means with us you’ll only get real Missouri driving test questions and answers.

Don’t have time for practice tests?  You can even purchase a Missouri DMV Cheat Sheet to make your time with the learners permit test that much easier for you.  This cheat sheet is essentially a pdf with the questions and answers you will see on the actual DMV exam.

How to Get Your Missouri Learner’s Permit

Every single year thousands of people nationwide die in car accidents involving teenage drivers.  Statistics are grim and increasing with more and more distracted drivers on the roadways.  The state of Missouri has implemented a Graduated Driver Licensing program that loosens restrictions and increases freedoms as milestones are achieved for new and developing license holders.  With time all drivers obtain their unrestricted Missouri driver's license.

The first milestone that new drivers achieve in their road to a license is an instructional permit.  This is known in some states as a learner’s permit.  There are a number of things you’ll need to bring for documentation and also several exams you will have to pass before achieving this milestone.  You will also be subject to restrictions at this stage of your MO GDL.  

The Missouri Department of Revenue manages the GDL process in Missouri.  To contact them simply call (573)526-2407.

How Old do I Have to be to Get a Learner’s Permit in Missouri?

The minimum age for getting a learner’s permit is 15 years of age.  Depending on your age there are various restrictions you will be subjected to as part of your learner’s permit.  This includes when and who you can train with.

What Paperwork Will I Need to Get My Missouri Learner’s Permit?

Are you wondering what paperwork you need to get your Learner’s Permit in Missouri?  The process can be intimidating.  It’s critical that you bring exactly what you need to your appointment at the State Highway Patrol Examination Station.  The Department of Revenue also provides a list of acceptable documents for those who still aren’t sure of what to bring after reading this.

When you go to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Exam Station to get your Learner’s permit you will need:

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Proof of date and place of birth (birth certificate, U.S. Passport, or Citizenship Certificate work best)
  3. Proof of Social Security (Social Security Card works best)
  4. Proof of Residency (Utility bill, paycheck, bank document works best)
  5. Parent or Legal Guardian Must Sign a permission statement
Once you have submitted all of these documents successfully, you will need to pass a road sign recognition exam as well as the written permit test.  

How Many Questions Are on the Missouri Permit Test?

There are two sections on the Missouri Permit Test.  The first section covers road signs and recognition.  It is 25 multiple choice questions and requires 20 correct answers to pass.  The second section is the written permit test.  This section is 25 multiple choice questions and also requires 20 correct answers to pass.  

Practicing ahead of time for your Missouri permit test is vital.  Have you considered a Missouri DMV cheat sheet?  For a nominal cost, you can get access to real Missouri DMV questions and answers all in one place with a handy pdf.

What Happens if I Fail the Missouri Permit Test?

Not everyone is able to pass on their first attempt at the Missouri Permit Test.  If you fail the test, you are able to retake the test two more times within ninety days.  You will be charged a reexamination fee each time you take the test.  This is the equivalent of the $7 permit fee.  

If you fail the permit test three times in Missouri, you must take additional behind-the-wheel and Drivers Ed training before you retake the exam again.  

Not passing the Missouri DMV Permit test can be expensive.  Buy a Missouri DMV Cheat sheet today to avoid the hassle and additional cost with the state.  These pdfs give you access to real permit test questions and answers all in one place.

How Much Does the Missouri Permit Test Cost?

The Missouri permit test technically doesn’t cost anything.  The permit has a fee that includes the administration of the exams themselves.  This $7 permit fee will be due at the time you submit all of your documents and take your exams.

MO Learner’s Permit Driving Restrictions

Once you’ve passed your road signs and written permit exam, you’ll need to start practicing behind the wheel.  There are several age-related restrictions you will need to be aware of and follow vigilantly.  Failure to adhere to MO Learner's Permit driving restrictions could result in the revocation of your driving permit.

All learner’s permit holders must have their permit in their possession when driving at all times.  All occupants inside the vehicle must have a seatbelt on. 

Drivers under 16 years of age can only drive when they’re supervised by a qualified individual.  This person must be seated in the front seat with you.  A qualified individual is a driving instructor, licensed parent or legal guardian, any licensed driver over 25, or licensed driver designated by a disabled parent or guardian. All supervisors must have held a license for at least 3 years.  If they are not your parent or legal guardian, your parent or legal guardian must give them written permission to supervise you.

Drivers over 16 years of age face lesser restrictions.  They can only drive when accompanied by a person at least 21 years old.  This person must hold a valid driver’s license and be seated in the front seat.  It is recommended that this individual has held their license for at least three years.

Behind the Wheel Driving Requirements in MO

The Graduated Drivers License Program that the Missouri Department of Revenue has established requires certain behind-the-wheel training and an allotment of necessary hours.  To get your full and unrestricted driver’s license in MO, you‘ll need to complete 40 hours of supervised driving with a driving instructor or qualified driver.  Night hours are required for 10 of the 40 overall hours to achieve driving proficiency.

Driver’s Education in Missouri

For teenagers applying for their first driver’s license, driver's education is not mandatory to receive a permit and complete your probationary driving period.  You will only need to satisfy Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) and GDL (Graduated Drivers License) requirements. These requirements are passing the DMV written and road tests, practicing supervised driving and completing the probationary driving period without incident.

Even though Missouri Drivers Ed is not required to get a driver's license, it’s still best to prepare.  Completing a Missouri Permit practice test here with us is always a good idea.  It virtually guarantees you’ll learn the concepts you need to get your permit.  A Missouri DMV cheat sheet is also a good idea.