Wisconsin driver's examination

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 50
Passing score: 40
Directions: Licensing requirements include a vision screening, a knowledge test, and a driving skills test on the satisfactory operation of a motor vehicle.

The knowledge test for your learner's permit is based on information contained in this driver’s manual. To pass the knowledge test, you must demonstrate a basic understanding of Wisconsin traffic laws. Knowledge tests administered at most Division of Motor Vehicles service centers are given on a computerized system.

The Knowledge tests include 50 multiple choice questions

If you answer at least 40 questions correctly from the sample tests provided here AND you have thoroughly read the "Wisconsin Driver's Handbook" and "All You Need to Know About Your Driver's License", you will be well prepared to take the knowledge test for your learner's permit.
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There are two traffic lanes in your direction. You are driving in the left lane and many vehicles are passing you on the right. If the driver behind you wishes to drive faster, you should:
Stay in your lane so you don't impede the traffic flow
Drive onto the left shoulder to let the other vehicles pass
Move over into the right lane when it is safe
When turning left at an intersection:
You should always yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians
Oncoming traffic and pedestrians should yield to you
You should never yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians
Work zone signs mean:
it is summer
you must immediately stop and back up
less than ideal conditions are present for driving
you should drive faster to get out of the work zone
Lighted arrows are sometimes used to control turns from a specific lane. A red arrow:
Is never used as a traffic signal.
Means the same as a circular red light for the indicated lane of traffic.
Means that you may go in the direction indicated by the arrow
Means that the traffic the arrow is pointing toward must stop.
You should allow even more space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead when:
your car is cold
there are no vehicles behind you
you follow a motorcycle
both b and c
A broken yellow center line indicates:
passing is not permitted
passing is permitted on the right when the way ahead is clear
passing is permitted on the left when the way ahead is clear
Which of the following substances can impair your ability to drive safely and may result in an arrest for driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII)?
Alcohol, including beer, wine and other liquor.
A controlled substance, such as illegal drugs or prescription medicines.
An inhalant, such as glue or paint.
All of the above.
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