Washington driver's examination

Number of tests: 9
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 20
Directions: The knowledge test is used to ensure you understand road signs, traffic laws, and safe-driving practices before you drive on the roadways. Everything you must learn to pass the test is in the guide (see link above)
You may take the test at any approved driver training school in the state. If you take your test at a driver licensing office that offers testing, it will be taken on a computer unless you need special accommodation.
It is a multiple-choice test with 25 questions, and you must correctly answer 20 of them to pass the test.
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Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
When a school bus is stopped off the road without flashing lights, you should:
Stop until the bus driver signals you to go.
Stop until the bus moves on, regardless of which side of the road you’re on.
Use caution as you pass the bus, since you’re not required to stop.
Stop only if you’re on the same side of the road as the bus.
To be parked legally, a vehicle must be within:
6 inches of the curb.
12 inches of the curb.
24 inches of the curb.
18 inches of the curb.
This sign means:
Pedestrians must not cross here.
Pedestrians walking along the road ahead.
Pedestrian crossing ahead.
Be alert for construction workers on the road.
What should you do when you see this sign?
Look for a train station ahead.
Signal before going any further.
Slow down and yield for trains.
At a school crossing sign, you should:
Watch for children and be ready to stop.
Always stop, whether there’s a stop sign or not.
Be ready to help children crossing the street.
Always sound your horn when you see children.
Don’t follow other cars too closely because:
You may not see the road between the cars.
You may not see the vehicle's turn signals.
You may not have time to stop if the vehicle in front of you slows or stops suddenly.
You may not see the other vehicle’s brake lights.
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