This endorsement is required to haul hazardous materials as defined in Title 49, CFR, §383.5. To receive

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1. When loading or unloading explosive materials, you should:

Always turn off your vehicle's engine before loading or unloading explosive materials. Never drop, throw, or roll packages containing explosives.

2. Shipping papers must include:

Shippers of hazardous materials are required to include an emergency response telephone number on shipping papers.

3. A driver should ensure that:

It is always a good idea to compare package markings and labels to accompanying shipping papers. Always make sure the shipper has displayed the correct basic description on the shipping paper and has provided the proper labels on the packages.

4. What does a material’s hazard class reflect?

A hazardous material will fall into one of nine hazard classes. The material's hazard class reflects its associated risks.

5. Shipping papers should be:

When transporting hazardous materials, shipping papers should be kept in a pouch in the driver's side door, or in another location where the driver is able to easily reach them while their seat belt is fastened. The papers must be easily visible to anyone who is entering the cab.

6. In addition to reading the manual, what is an effective way to learn about transporting hazardous materials?

While the manual contains all of the information needed to pass the written exam for a hazardous materials endorsement, it does not contain all of the information necessary to do the job safely. You can learn more by attending hazardous materials training courses.
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