North Carolina driver's examination

Number of tests: 8
Number of questions: 37
Passing score: 29
Directions: All applicants for a North Carolina driver license must pass a road written test and a traffic sign test

There are 25 questions on the written test. You have to score 80% and above to pass. The sign test is orally and you have to identity 9 signs out of 12 to be consider as passing the sign test.

All questions are taken from the North Carolina Drive License Manual. Please thoroughly study the manual before taking the test.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
3 or fewer road sign errors
5 or fewer road rules errors
At an intersection with a yield sign, you should:
Always stop before entering the intersection.
Yield to all traffic on the left.
Yield to all traffic on the right.
Slow down and yield the right-of-way to other traffic.
This road sign means
no passing
pass with caution
keep right
keep left
This is the shape and color of a __________ sign.
Wrong Way
Do not enter
This road sign means
pass only in the right lane
no left turn
cars in right lane must slow down
This sign is a warning that you are approaching
A crosswalk.
An intersection.
A railroad crossing.
A blasting zone.
This sign means:
No turning
No right turn
No left turn
No U-Turn
This sign means
You are approaching a hill.
Don't drink if you are going to drive.
Slippery when wet.
Road curves ahead.
This sign is a:
Stop sign (full stop).
Service sign.
Regulatory sign (traffic rules).
Warning sign (caution).
This sign is used to warn drivers about:
Changes in traffic lanes
Upcoming intersections
Road curves ahead
Road construction
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