North Carolina driver's examination

Number of tests: 10
Number of questions: 37
Passing score: 29
Directions: All applicants for a North Carolina driver license must pass a road written test and a traffic sign test

There are 25 questions on the written test. You have to score 80% and above to pass. The sign test is orally and you have to identity 9 signs out of 12 to be consider as passing the sign test.

All questions are taken from the North Carolina Drive License Manual. Please thoroughly study the manual before taking the test.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
3 or fewer road sign errors
5 or fewer road rules errors
When you hear a fire engine siren, you must:
Slow down until it passes you
Drive with your flashers on
Pull over to the side of the road and stop
Speed up and take the nearest exit
This road sign means:
do not enter
no parking
no U-turn
no left turn
What effect does drinking alcohol and taking a prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine have?
The medicine reduces the effect of the alcohol.
The alcohol will help the medicine cure the cold.
The combination could multiply the effects of the alcohol.
No effect, they are different substances.
What are the colors of a sign which tells you the distance to the next exit of a highway?
Yellow with black letters.
Black with white letters.
Red with white letters.
Green with white letters.
This sign means:
There is a detour ahead.
You must stop for flaggers.
The road ahead is closed to traffic.
The highway ahead is being repaired. Approach with caution.
Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on interstates is
70 mph.
55 mph.
45 mph.
35 mph.
You may drive around the gates at a railroad crossing:
When the train has passed
When the lights have stopped flashing
When other drivers drive around the gates
What can you do to avoid the need to make emergency (or “panic”) stops while driving in traffic?
Honk your horn to make others aware of your presence
Look ahead and maintain a safe following distance
Drive in the right lane only
Drive slower than the flow of traffic
The effect that alcohol has on your reflexes and judgment:
Is less if you were only drinking beer.
Is less if you were only drinking wine.
Is greater if you were drinking whiskey or hard liquor.
Depends on the amount of alcohol in your blood stream.
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