New Mexico driver's examination

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 18
Directions: Persons applying for a first-time New Mexico driver license, or those with licenses expired for one year or more, must pass the knowledge written test. This test is not required if you have a current out-of-state driver license. Persons with a current out-of-country license are required to take the written test. State offices typically do not allow the written test to be taken after 3pm to ensure the applicant has sufficient time to complete the test.

The knowledge test consists of 25 multiple choice questions that are important to the safe operation of a motor vehicle and New Mexico laws and driving practices. The questions are based on the information provided in the manual.

A passing score consist of at least 18 correct answers.
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Passing grade —
7 or fewer errors
Drinking coffee after drinking alcohol:
Decreases blood alcohol content.
Cancels the effect of the alcohol.
Has no effect on blood alcohol content.
Increases blood alcohol content.
What is the proper way to enter an expressway from the entrance ramp?
Go down the ramp and cross over to the traffic lane as soon as possible.
Use the acceleration lane to blend into the traffic.
Go down to the bottom of the ramp and stop until it is safe to enter the expressway.
A bicyclist who doesn’t obey traffic laws:
Is okay, because bicyclists don’t have to obey traffic laws.
Can be ticketed.
Will always receive a warning from law enforcement.
Will have their bicycle impounded.
When meeting a car with blinding headlights, you should:
Use your bright lights until the other vehicle dims theirs.
Flash your lights on and off to warn the other driver.
Dim your lights and then speed up to pass quickly.
Look away and toward the right side of the road.
Hydroplaning is usually caused by:
Excessive stops
Sudden stops
Sudden turns
Excessive speed
What does this road sign mean:
Directional sign for children.
School zone ahead.
Playground area ahead.
When parallel parking, you should park within ____ inches of the curb.
This sign means:
Side road
Low clearance
Merging traffic
Prepare to stop
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