New Mexico driver's examination

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 18
Directions: Persons applying for a first-time New Mexico driver license, or those with licenses expired for one year or more, must pass the knowledge written test. This test is not required if you have a current out-of-state driver license. Persons with a current out-of-country license are required to take the written test. State offices typically do not allow the written test to be taken after 3pm to ensure the applicant has sufficient time to complete the test.

The knowledge test consists of 25 multiple choice questions that are important to the safe operation of a motor vehicle and New Mexico laws and driving practices. The questions are based on the information provided in the manual.

A passing score consist of at least 18 correct answers.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
7 or fewer errors
The most effective thing you can do to reduce your risk of getting injured or killed in a traffic crash is:
Wear your seat belt
Limit your driving to week days
Stay in the right lane on multi-lane highways
Limit your driving to times between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
The most important thing to remember about speed management and curves is to:
Drive at the posted speed limit as you enter the curve, then slow down at the sharpest part of the curve
Slow down before you enter the curve
Accelerate gently before you enter the curve
Drive at the posted speed limit of the roadway, before, throughout, and after the curve
This sign indicates:
the distance from road surface to a bridge or overpass
the maximum legal height allowed in this state
the maximum width of a vehicle allowed on the highway
Motorcycles are entitled to
The bicycle lane.
The same full lane width as other motor vehicles.
Half the width of a lane.
The width of the sidewalk.
A pedestrian starts to cross the street after the "Don't walk" signal begins to flash. The pedestrian is in the middle of the street when your signal light changes to green. You should:
Proceed if you have the right of way
Proceed if the pedestrian is not in your lane
Wait until the pedestrian crosses the street before proceeding
If moving with a stream of vehicles across a railroad track, it is safe to stop on the track for a short period of time.
When should you drive in a reversible lane with a Lane Use Control light showing a red X?
If there is no visible oncoming traffic.
If you are passing the car in front of you.
Between sunset and sunrise.
When should you use your high beam headlights?
When you come within about a one-block distance of an oncoming vehicle
When you are following another vehicle or in heavy traffic
When there are no oncoming vehicles approaching
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