South Carolina driver's examination

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 24
Directions: South Carolina issues both five-year and ten-year licenses. If you are a United States citizen and you visit a DMV branch office to obtain an original or renewal license, you will receive a ten-year license unless you are 65 years of age or older. Persons who are 65 years of age or older may not obtain a ten year license, but will be issued a five year license

To apply for a beginner’s permit, you must be at least 15 years of age or older. You must provide a birth certificate, social security card or its equivalent, proof of residency, and must pass the vision and knowledge tests.

The Knowledge tests include 30 multiple choice questions

If you answer at least 24 questions correctly from the sample tests provided here you will be well prepared to take the knowledge test for your learner's permit.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors
A fully loaded tractor-trailer traveling 55 mph could take up to ______ to come to a complete stop:
50 feet
125 feet
400 feet
750 feet
While driving, you should look 10 to 15 seconds ahead of you:
And focus on the middle of the road
Because it is a legal requirement
To see potential hazards early
It is night. A vehicle coming towards you has its high beams on which make it hard to see the road ahead. You should:
Look ahead towards the left edge of your lane
Look ahead towards the right edge of your lane
Look straight ahead in your lane
This sign means:
Two-way traffic
Lane shifting
Low clearance
Added lane
If you park facing uphill where there IS a curb, set the parking brake and turn the wheels:
Toward the curb.
Away from the curb.
Leave them straight.
Should you always drive slower than other traffic?
No, you can block traffic when you drive too slowly.
Yes, it is a good defensive driving technique.
Yes, it is always safer than driving faster than other traffic.
On a four lane highway slower traffic should drive in the _____.
Center lane
Right lane
Left lane
The safest place for children 12 and under to ride in a vehicle equipped with air bags is:
The front seat
The back seat
The bed of a pick-up truck
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