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Rhode Island CDL Permit Test - Tank

Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 16
Directions: This endorsement is required to haul any liquid or gaseous materials in a tank or tanks having a capacity of 1,000 gallons or more that is either permanently or temporarily attached to the vehicle or chassis. To receive this endorsement, applicants must pass a test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Each question has three possible answer choices. To pass, the applicant must answer at least 16 questions correctly. Test questions come from the Rhode Island Commercial Driver License Manual. Questions come from chapters covering: Driving Safely, Tank Vehicles, Hazardous Materials and Combination Vehicles. The Tank endorsement can be used with the Class A, B or C CDL.
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Which of the following determines your blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?

How much you drink
How frequently you drink
The temperature of the drink

A trailer that is too high:

May not couple correctly.
Will couple securely.
Is not an issue.

When leaving your vehicle:

The air brakes should be applied.
The parking brake should be applied.
Brakes should not be applied if the vehicle is left out of gear.

To use the stab braking method while transporting liquid cargo, you should apply the brakes:

With about half of your usual force.
As hard as possible without locking the wheels.
Completely until the wheels lock up. Release the brakes until the wheels start rolling, then repeat the process.

When driving in winter, which of the following should receive extra attention in a pre-trip inspection?

Coolant and antifreeze levels
The air conditioning unit
The oil pressure

As part of the vehicle inspection test, you will be asked to:

Explain what you would inspect and why.
Replace an electrical fuse.
Unload the trailer.

When trying to put out an electrical fire, you should:

Use water.
Use a B:C extinguisher.
Use an X extinguisher.
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