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Wisconsin Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 40
Passing score: 32
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
and 3 or fewer road sign errors

This road sign means:

virginia left turn yield on green
You are about to enter a one-way street the wrong way.
School crossing ahead.
Do not drive in this lane.
Traffic turning left on the green light must yield to oncoming traffic.

This sign means:

indiana no parking
No parking.
Divided highway ahead.
Left turn signal.

This sign means:

illinois pedestrian crosswalk
Pedestrian crossing.
Side road.
Railroad ahead.

This sign means:

hawaii no u turn
U-turns are prohibited.
U-turns are permitted.
Winding road ahead.
Sharp left turn ahead.

This road sign means:

virginia slippery when wet
When pavement is wet, reduce your speed.
The road ahead winds a series of turns or curves.
Traffic increases ahead.
Steep grade ahead.

When the lights on this sign are flashing, what should you do?

Stop and wait until the train passes.
Proceed with caution.
Turn around and find an alternate route.

An orange-colored sign like this means:

california shoulder work ahead
There is roadwork ahead.
You must change lanes ahead.
There is a detour ahead.

This sign means:

illinois bicycles crossing
Watch for bicycles.
Bicycles not allowed.
Bicycle repair shop ahead.
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