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Wisconsin Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 40
Passing score: 32
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
and 3 or fewer road sign errors

This sign means:

california two way traffic
Four-lane traffic ahead.
Divided highway ahead.
Two-way traffic ahead.

This sign means:

illinois school 2
School zone or crossing.
Pedestrian crossing.
Railroad ahead.

At an intersection with a yield sign, you should:

washington yield
Always stop before entering the intersection.
Yield just to the traffic on the right.
Yield just to the traffic on the left.
Slow down and yield the right-of-way to other traffic.

This road sign means:

maryland stop
Drive with caution and be ready to stop.
You must come to a complete stop.
Stop, if necessary.

This sign means:

new york school crossing
Pedestrians only.
Intersection ahead.
Hiking trails ahead.
School crossing ahead.

This sign is a warning that you are approaching:

new york railroad crossing
An intersection.
A crosswalk.
A railroad crossing.
A blasting zone.

Service signs are:

Orange with black letters.
Blue with white letters.
Green with white letters.

What does this road sign indicate?

arkansas school zone
Directions for children
School zone ahead
Playground area ahead
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