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Wisconsin Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 40
Passing score: 32
Directions: To obtain a motorcycle license in Wisconsin, you must pass a knowledge test and on-cycle skills test. The questions for the knowledge test come from the Wisconsin Motorcyclists’ Handbook. There are a total of 25 multiple choice questions on the Motorcycle knowledge test and 15 questions on the signs test. You must receive a score of 20 to pass, as well as least 12 questions correct on the signs test. Each question varies on the amount of answer choices. The knowledge and signs test can be taken in Spanish. There is an electronic version of the manual in Spanish.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
and 3 or fewer road sign errors
Scan the road ______ ahead of your motorcycle.
20 seconds
12 seconds
10 seconds
What are the four steps to safely completing a turn?
Slow, look, lean, and roll.
Slow, shift, look, and lurch.
Press, lean, turn, and grip.
A “No standing” sign at a certain location means:
You may never stop your vehicle there.
You may park there if the driver remains in the vehicle.
You may stop temporarily only to pickup or discharge passengers.
You may stop to load or unload merchandise.
This road sign means:
maryland side road enters ahead
All traffic must turn right.
All traffic must go straight.
A side road intersects ahead.
This sign means:
georgia divided highway ends 2
Curves ahead.
Divided highway starts.
Divided highway ends.
A sign with this shape means:
washington warning
Railroad crossing.
Signal ahead.
This road sign means:
arizona shap turn right
The road ahead turns sharply right, then left.
The road ahead turns sharply left, then right.
The road ahead curves to the left.
Construction ahead.
Always stop before crossing railroad tracks when:
The railroad crossing is located in a city or town that has frequent train traffic.
There isn't room on the other side for you to completely cross the tracks.
You are transporting a passenger.
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