North Carolina driver's examination

Number of tests: 8
Number of questions: 37
Passing score: 29
Directions: All applicants for a North Carolina driver license must pass a road written test and a traffic sign test

There are 25 questions on the written test. You have to score 80% and above to pass. The sign test is orally and you have to identity 9 signs out of 12 to be consider as passing the sign test.

All questions are taken from the North Carolina Drive License Manual. Please thoroughly study the manual before taking the test.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
3 or fewer road sign errors
5 or fewer road rules errors
This sign shows one type of:
Right turn
Road curve
Lane change
Which of the following does not happen after drinking
Your reflexes and reaction time slow down.
You calm down so you can concentrate.
Your judgement of speed and distance is distorted.
You are less alert.
When two vehicles arrive at an intersection at the same time, which one has the right-of-way when no signs or signals indicate rules?
The car that is traveling faster has the right-of-way.
The car in which the driver sounds his horn first has the right of way.
The car approaching from the left has the right-of-way.
The car approaching from the right has the right of way.
This road sign means
a steep grade is ahead
do not enter
you must turn left ahead
a four-way intersection is ahead
This road sign means
no left turn
do not enter
no U-turn
no parking
At night, slow down and always:
Use sunglasses to reduce glare from headlights.
Use high beams whenever there are no oncoming vehicles.
Use your high beams until other drivers dim their lights.
Use your dome light to help you see your speedometer.
If you refuse a legal chemical test issued by a law enforcement officer, the Division of Motor Vehicles is required to:
Revoke your driver license for at least 12 months
Place you on probation
Wait for a court decision before taking action
Assign you to a Driver Improvement Clinic
You will lose your license if you are convicted of:
Driving without a license
Speeding more than 75mph
Passing a stopped school bus
Failing to yield the right of way
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