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New Hampshire CDL Permit Test - Double

Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 16
Directions: This endorsement is required if the driver will pull two or three trailers. To receive this endorsement, applicants must pass a test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. To pass, the applicant must answer at least 16 questions correctly. Each question has four possible answer choices. Test questions come from the New Hampshire CDL Driver’s Guide. Questions come from chapters covering: Driving Safely, Air Brakes (if applicable), Combination Vehicles and Doubles and Triples. The Double/Triple endorsement can be used with the Class A CDL.
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When entering traffic, a large vehicle usually needs:

Less space than is needed for a car.
About the same amount of space as is needed for a car.
More space than is needed for a car.

Wheel rims that have been welded should:

Be placed in the front of the vehicle.
Be placed in the rear of the vehicle.
Be placed on dual tires.
Not be used.

In a dual air brake system:

Air tanks are shared by both systems.
Each system has its own air tanks.
You must designate which system you are using.
Brakes on only one side of the vehicle will work.

If an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) malfunctions:

The driver will not know.
A yellow lamp will light up on the control panel.
The brakes will lock up.
The brakes will not work.

When connecting a converter dolly to a second or third trailer, the trailer height should be:

Slightly higher than the center of the fifth wheel.
Level with the center of the fifth wheel.
Slightly lower than the center of the fifth wheel.
Next to the center of the fifth wheel.

To prevent a set of doubles or triples from rolling over, you should:

Drive quickly through curves.
Steer aggressively.
Turn slowly around corners.

On any upgrade, gravity will:

Speed up your vehicle.
Slow down your vehicle.
Not impact the speed of your vehicle.
Cause your vehicle to swerve to the left.
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