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Kansas CDL Permit Test - Combination

Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 16
Directions: All applicants who are applying for a Class A CDL should be prepared to take the Combination test. This test covers information found in Section 6 of the Kansas Commercial Driver License Manual. Section 6 provides the information needed to safely operate tractor-trailers, doubles, triples, and straight trucks with trailers. The test is made up of 20 multiple-choice questions, and applicants will need to correctly answer a minimum of 16 questions to pass. The Combination test is not a replacement for the Double/Triple endorsement test.
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If you need to back your trailer but cannot back up in a straight path, you should:

Back toward the passenger's side.
Back toward the driver's side.
Swerve back and forth while backing.
Always turn to your right.

Before backing your tractor under the trailer, make sure your trailer brakes are:


When glad hands are coupled, the seals should be pressed together at an angle of:

30 degrees.
45 degrees.
60 degrees.
90 degrees.

When driving a tractor-trailer equipped with ABS, you should:

Stop harder than you would otherwise.
Use extra braking force to ensure the ABS kicks in.
Brake as you normally would.
Brake using less pressure than you would otherwise use.

After coupling, there should be ____ between the upper and lower fifth wheel.

No space
Very little space
A lot of space
Three inches of space

If oil and water build up in your vehicle's air tanks, the brakes:

May not work correctly.
May feel squishy.
Will squeal loudly when used.
Will be extremely sensitive.

Trailers with low underneath clearance may be difficult to drive:

On interstate highways.
Over railroad crossings.
On dirt roads.
At the posted speed limit.
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