2022 Illinois Permit Test 7


The following questions are from real DMV written tests. These are some of the actual permit questions you will face in..

The following questions are from real DMV written tests. These are some of the actual permit questions you will face in Illinois. Each permit practice test question has three answer choices. Select one answer for each question and select "grade this section." You can find this button at the bottom of the drivers license quiz. For a complete list of questions and answers for Illinois please visit https://cheat-sheets.dmv-written-test.com/en/illinois/car.

Passing grade:

You are involved in a minor collision at an intersection. There are no injuries and there is very little vehicle damage. You should:

After a collision, if no one has been injured or killed and you can safely do so, you should move your vehicle out of the traffic lane.

A driver does not need to allow as much distance when following a motorcycle as when following a car.

In dry conditions, motorcycles can stop more quickly than cars. Therefore, a driver behind a motorcycle should allow at least three to four seconds of following distance so that the motorcyclist has time to maneuver in an emergency.

Cellphone use while driving is permitted as long as the driver is using a hands-free device and is over age 18.

Illinois law prohibits the use of handheld cellphones, texting, or using other electronic communications while operating a motor vehicle. Hands-free devices or Bluetooth technology is allowed for persons age 19 and older.

A driver who becomes stranded in blizzard conditions should remain in their vehicle.

If you become stranded in winter weather, you should remain with your vehicle. Run the engine only for brief periods of time and open the window to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Reaction time is slower after:

Alcohol slows your reflexes and reaction time, reduces your ability to see clearly, and makes you less alert. As the amount of alcohol in your body increases, your judgment worsens and your driving skills decrease. You will have trouble judging distances, speeds, and the movement of other vehicles.

If you approach a stopped school bus that has its lights flashing and signal arm extended, you should:

If you approach a stopped school bus that has its lights flashing and arm extended, you must come to a full stop and remain stopped until the signal arm is pulled back and the bus resumes motion. This law applies whether you are traveling in the same direction as the bus or if you are approaching from the opposite side of the street.

Which of the following driving skills is/are affected by the use of alcohol and/or drugs?

Alcohol and other drugs can negatively effect a number of skills needed for safe driving, including a driver's reaction time, coordination, alertness, and ability to concentrate.

What does this road sign mean?

georgia-no right turn
This sign prohibits right turns. It is illegal to turn right at an intersection where this sign is posted.

This road sign means:

georgia-no u turn
This sign prohibits drivers from making a U-turn. You cannot turn around to go in the opposite direction at an intersection where this sign is posted.

It is dangerous to follow a motorcycle too closely because:

Motorcycles can stop quickly and following them too closely endangers your life and that of the motorcyclist. If the motorcyclist makes a mistake, you need to have enough time and space to avoid a crash.

It is permissible for anyone to wear a dual ear headset while driving.

While driving in Illinois, it is illegal to use a headset, which is defined as any device, other than a hearing aid, that allows you to hear or receive electronic communications. The use of a single-sided headset or earpiece with a wireless/cellphone device is permitted. Motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, and moped operators may use intercom helmets that permit a driver and/or passengers to speak to one another.

This sign means:

illinois-signal ahead
This sign warns of of an approaching traffic signal.
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