Washington Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 5
Directions: To earn your motorcycle license in Washington state, you must pass a knowledge test and on-cycle skills test. Questions for the test come from the Washington State Department of Licensing Motorcycle Operator Manual. The knowledge test consists of 25 questions. Each question has four possible answers. To pass, you can miss no more than 5 questions. The test may be taken in Spanish. However, there is not a manual in Spanish. The on-cycle skills test measures your ability to operate a motorcycle legally and safely.
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Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
For best protection, jackets and pants:
Should be made of wool
Should only partially cover your arms and legs
Should be loose and flap in the wind when riding
Should cover your arms and legs completely
A plastic shatter-resistant face shield:
Does not protect your face as well as goggles.
Only protects your eyes
Helps protect your whole face
Is not necessary if you have a windshield
Unlike most food and drinks, alcohol does not need to be digested, which means:
It never gets removed from your body
Once it is in your system, your body gets rid of it quickly
It takes a long time to feel the effects of alcohol
Within minutes after being consumed, it reaches the brain and begins to affect the drinker
When braking, you should use:
Both front and rear brakes
Either front or rear, but not both
The front brake only
The rear brake only
When entering a highway or curve, motorcyclists riding in a group should
Ride single-file
Ride in the far right of the lane
Ride in a staggered formation
Ride in pairs