Tennessee driver's examination

Number of tests: 10
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 24
Directions: You will be given an exam covering knowledge needed to drive safely. The test will consist of 30 multiple choice questions of which you can only miss 6 questions. All the questions are based on information contained in Section B of the manual.

You can expect questions about Traffic signs and signals, Safe driving principles, Rules of the road, Drugs and alcohol.

In order to encourage the applicant to thoroughly stu Section B of the manual and cut down on repeat visits by applicants who are not yet prepared for the examination, a mandatory 7-day waiting period is required after failing any driver license knowledge test.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors
If you have trouble seeing other vehicles because of dust or smoke blowing across the roadway, you should drive slower and turn on your:
Emergency flashers
Parking lights
This sign means:
a left turn can be made only after stopping
all traffic must turn right at next intersection
no left turn can be made here
If you change your address, Tennessee law requires you to notify the Department of Safety within:
10 days
6 months
45 days
A major cause of fatal traffic accidents in Tennessee is:
following too closely
turning into the wrong lane
This sign is a warning that you are approaching
An intersection.
A railroad crossing.
A crosswalk.
Tennessee was the first state to pass a child restraint law. This law requires that children under the age of ________ must be placed in an approved child restraint device.
4 years
3 years
2 years
Slowing down just to look at collisions or anything else out of the ordinary:
Causes traffic congestion
Prevents rear-end collisions
Improves traffic flow by preventing collisions
The DUI law states that upon first conviction the penalty will be:
a $100.00 fine, 24 hours in jail and 6 months revocation
a $500.00 fine, 12 hours in jail and 3 months revocation
a $350.00 fine, 48 hours in jail and 1 year revocation
This sign means
Intersection ahead.
One-way traffic
Merging traffic from the right.
You may cross a double, yellow line to pass another vehicle, if the yellow line next to:
The other side of the road is a broken line.
The other side of the road is a solid line.
Your side of the road is a broken line.
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