Prueba De Conocimientos Clase A


Esta licencia es requerida para conducir cualquier combinación legal de vehículos, incluyendo vehículos que caigan en Clase B y Clase..

Esta licencia es requerida para conducir cualquier combinación legal de vehículos, incluyendo vehículos que caigan en Clase B y Clase C. La GVWR (clasificación del peso bruto del vehículo) de un remolque no debe exceder las 10,000 libras. Para recibir esta licencia, los solicitantes deben pasar un examen de 50 preguntas. Cada pregunta tiene tres opciones de respuesta. Para aprobar, los solicitantes deben contestar 40 preguntas correctamente. Las preguntas provienen del Manual del Conductor Comercial. Las preguntas provienen de los capítulos que incluyen los siguientes temas: Introducción, Manejar de manera Segura, Transportar Carga de manera Segura, Frenos de Aire (si aplica), Combinación de Vehículos, Examen de Inspección Vehicular previa al Viaje, Examen de Maniobras Básicas y Examen Práctico de Manejo. Los endosos que usted puede usar con una Licencia de Conducir Comercial Clase A son: Materiales Peligrosos, Tanque (cisterna), Pasajeros, Dobles/Triples, Materiales Peligrosos y Tanque, Frenos de Aire y Autobús Escolar.

Passing grade:

Which of the following is not an indication of damaged brakes?

Potential problems to check for when inspecting brakes include cracked drums; shoes or pads with oil, grease, or brake fluid on them; and shoes that are missing, broken, or worn dangerously thin.

Which of the following is not a sign of a person being drowsy?

Driving drowsy is dangerous and should always be avoided. Warning signs of drowsiness include frequent blinking, your eyes closing or going out of focus by themselves, frequent yawning, and drifting between lanes.

Having weight loaded in a way that creates a high center of gravity:

Transporting cargo that is loaded with a high center of gravity increases the risk that the transporting vehicle will tip over. Cargo should be loaded with a safe weight distribution.

During a walk-around inspection, ensure there are no cracks on the brake drums that are more than ____ of the width of the friction area.

Before beginning a trip, it is important to check the brake drums during your walk-around inspection. It is unsafe to drive if any brake drum has a crack more than one half of the width of the friction area.

Texting while driving is worrisome:

When driving, texting is a particularly dangerous distraction because it distracts a driver both mentally and physically.

Hanging meat in a refrigerated truck:

An operator should drive with care when transporting a cargo of hanging meat. Such a load is unstable, both because it has a high center of gravity and because the swinging of the meat can affect the driver's handling of the vehicle.

ABS allows you to:

The function of an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is to help prevent wheel lockup during hard braking. With ABS equipped on your vehicle, you should drive and brake in the same manner that you would without it.
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