Wisconsin driver's examination

Number of tests: 14
Number of questions: 50
Passing score: 40
Directions: Licensing requirements include a vision screening, a knowledge test, and a driving skills test on the satisfactory operation of a motor vehicle.

The knowledge test for your learner's permit is based on information contained in this driver’s manual. To pass the knowledge test, you must demonstrate a basic understanding of Wisconsin traffic laws. Knowledge tests administered at most Division of Motor Vehicles service centers are given on a computerized system.

The Knowledge tests include 50 multiple choice questions

If you answer at least 40 questions correctly from the sample tests provided here AND you have thoroughly read the "Wisconsin Driver's Handbook" and "All You Need to Know About Your Driver's License", you will be well prepared to take the knowledge test for your learner's permit.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
10 or fewer errors
This road sign means:
No passing zone
Work zone ahead
Watch for people crossing your path
Which of the following driving skills are affected by the use of alcohol and/or drugs?
Alertness and concentration
Reaction time and coordination
All of the above.
A steady yellow light at an intersection means:
Yield to other cars
Slow down and prepare to stop
At a crosswalk:
Construction workers must yield to you
Pedestrians must yield to you
You must yield to pedestrians
This road sign means
slow down, stop, if necessary and yield right-of-way
do not drive in this lane
drive with caution and be ready to slow down
you must come to a complete stop and yield right-of-way
This sign means:
Multiple Turns
Do not block intersection
Lane shifting
Merging Traffic
This sign means:
Warning of a Change in Direction or Narrowing of Roadway
Road Construction/Maintenance Area
Which of the following does not happen after drinking
You are less alert.
Your judgement of speed and distance is distorted.
Your reflexes and reaction time slow down.
You calm down so you can concentrate.
This road sign means:
Steep grade ahead
Slippery when wet
The road ahead winds with a series of turns or curves
You may legally block an intersection:
During rush hour traffic.
Under no circumstances.
When you entered the intersection on the green light.
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