2022 Virginia Permit Test 10


The following questions are from real DMV written tests. These are some of the actual permit questions you will face in..

The following questions are from real DMV written tests. These are some of the actual permit questions you will face in Virginia. Each permit practice test question has three answer choices. Select one answer for each question and select "grade this section." You can find this button at the bottom of the drivers license quiz. For a complete list of questions and answers for Virginia please visit https://cheat-sheets.dmv-written-test.com/en/virginia/car.

Passing grade:

This sign means:

hawaii-slippery when wet
Warning signs are usually diamond-shaped with black markings on a yellow background. They alert drivers to upcoming hazards. This sign warns drivers to be extra careful when the pavement is wet because the road may become slippery, making vehicles more difficult to control.

This road sign means:

virginia-reserved parking (1)
This sign marks parking spaces that are reserved for people with disabled parking permits.

This sign shows one type of:

This sign indicates that an intersection with a crossing road is ahead.

This sign is a warning that you are approaching:

new-york-railroad crossing
This sign indicates that you are approaching a railroad crossing.

At a school crossing sign, you should:

washington-school crossing
You must always yield to pedestrians who are in or about to enter a crosswalk. Be alert to pedestrians when driving across intersections or turning.

This sign means:

hawaii-no righit turn
A regulatory sign displaying a red circle with a red slash through the middle indicates that a specific action is prohibited. Right turns are not permitted where this sign is posted.

This sign means:

new-york-keep right of divider
This sign indicates that you must keep to the right of the upcoming divider.

A “No stopping” sign means that, unless directed to do so by a police officer, you may stop only:

A "No stopping" sign means you can only stop to obey a traffic signal, to obey a police officer, or to prevent a conflict with another vehicle.

From the center lane, which maneuver(s) can you perform?

pennsylvania-center turn lane
This sign indicates where a lane is reserved for the exclusive use of left-turning vehicles from either direction. Such a lane may not be used for passing or for through-traffic.

The sign with this shape and color is a ____ sign.

pennsylvania-no passing zone2
Pennant-shaped warning signs like this are only used to indicate a no passing zone.
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