Virginia driver's examination

(From the 2018 Virginia driver handbook)
Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 35
Passing score: 30
Directions: You will need to take the knowledge exam if you do not hold a valid driver’s license from another U. S. state, Canada, Germany, France, or the Republic of Korea.

The two-part knowledge exam is given on a computer and tests your knowledge of traffic signs, motor vehicle laws, and safe driving.

You must correctly answer all ten traffic sign questions in part one of the exam before you can take part two of the exam. Part two tests your general knowledge with multiple choice questions. You must answer at least 80 percent of these questions correctly to pass part two.
Passing grade —
0 or fewer road sign errors
5 or fewer road rules errors
This road sign means:
divided highway begins
a steep grade is ahead
the overpass ahead has a low clearance
two lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions are about to become one
This road sign means:
you are about to enter a one way street the wrong way
school crossing ahead, be careful
do not drive in this lane because it is marked with a red X
traffic turning left on the green light must yield to oncoming traffic
What should you do when you see this sign?
Look for a train station ahead.
Signal before going any further.
Slow down and yield for trains.
This road sign means:
you must travel at the speed indicated
the speed limit indicated is the maximum legal speed on the road where posted
you must travel through the intersection at the posted speed
none of the above
What is the meaning of this sign?
The traffic signal ahead is red
The traffic signal ahead is broken
The traffic signal ahead is green
There is a traffic signal ahead
This sign means:
All traffic turn left.
No left turn.
No U-turn.
Truck route to the left.
This road sign means:
road construction ahead
the road ahead curves left, then right
the road ahead curves right, then left
steep grade ahead
This road sign means:
sharp right turn
a road joins from the right
the road ahead turns sharply right then sharply left
winding road ahead
This road sign means:
no right turn
sharp right turn in the road ahead
This road sign means:
the road ahead curves right. Slow down to the safe speed indicated.
divided highway begins. Slow down to the safe speed indicated
merge. Slow down to the safe speed indicated
winding road ahead. Slow down to the safe speed indicated
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