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New Jersey CDL Permit Test - Bus

Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 16
Directions: This endorsement is required for driving a school bus. To receive this endorsement, applicants must pass a test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. To pass, the applicant must answer at least 16 questions correctly. Each question has four possible answer choices. Test questions come from the New Jersey Commercial Driver License Manual. Questions come from chapters covering School Buses, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test and On-Road Driving. The School Bus endorsement can be used with the Class A, B or C CDL.
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When students are boarding a school bus, the driver should do all of the following, except:

Let students know when it is safe to board.
Count the number of students at the bus stop and ensure that all have boarded.
Allow student to board in pairs.
Check all mirrors for students rushing toward the bus.

If driving a school bus, your four-way flashers should:

Be activated before crossing railroad tracks.
Never be used.
Only be used after crossing railroad tracks.
Only be used near railroad tracks if a train is approaching.

If a bus is equipped with outside convex mirrors, they will be located:

Below the outside flat mirrors.
Above the outside flat mirrors.
Next to the door.
On top of the bus.

Properly adjusted mirrors on a school bus allow the driver to see ____ behind the bus.

One bus length
Two bus lengths
Three bus lengths
Four bus lengths

When conducting a vehicle inspection, you must show each of the following, except:

That the oil pressure gauge is working.
That the oil pressure warning light turns off, or that the gauge shows increasing or normal oil pressure.
That the oil temperature gauge, if equipped, rises to the normal operating range.
That the oil pressure gauge comes on when brakes are used.

If a school bus needs to be evacuated, passengers should:

Always use the rear door.
Always use the windows.
Always use the front door.
Use the exit deemed safest.

Crossover mirrors help a school bus driver see:

The front bumper danger zones.
The rear bumper.
The left side of the bus.
Vehicles in front of the bus.
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