Montana driver's examination

(From the 2018 Montana driver handbook)
Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 33
Passing score: 27
Directions: The Montana written examination tests your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, and driving safety rules. It determines whether you are prepared to operate a vehicle in accordance with Montana law.

The knowledge test consists of 33 multiple choice questions that are important to the safe operation of a motor vehicle and Montana laws and driving practices. The questions are based on the information provided in the manual.

A passing score consist of at least 27 correct answers.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors
When dealing with pedestrians, a driver must:
Make very sure the pedestrian sees him/her
Yield the right-of-way, even if the pedestrian is in the wrong.
Only yield the right-of-way when the pedestrian is legally entitled to it.
Slow down and sound the horn when entering a heavily congested area.
Another car is trying to pass your car. You should:
Pull off the road.
Signal the other driver when it is safe to pass.
Check for oncoming traffic and adjust your speed to allow safe passing.
Speed up.
Drugs may interfere with a person’s ability to drive safely:
Only if the drugs are prescribed by a doctor.
Only when taken while drinking.
Only when driving at night.
And it is important to ask your doctor about any effects that the prescribed drugs may have on your driving ability.
Which of the following does not happen after drinking:
Your reflexes and reaction time slow down.
Your judgement of speed and distance is distorted.
You are less alert.
You calm down so you can concentrate.
A few drinks after work before driving home:
Is good because you miss the rush traffic.
Is good because they help to release the day’s tension and make you a safer driver.
Should be avoided because they may make you a dangerous driver
Never hurt anyone.
This sign means:
There is a detour ahead.
You must stop for flaggers.
The road ahead is closed to traffic.
The highway ahead is being repaired. Approach with caution.