Montana driver's examination

(From the 2017 Montana driver handbook)
Number of tests: 14
Number of questions: 33
Passing score: 27
Directions: The Montana written examination tests your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, and driving safety rules. It determines whether you are prepared to operate a vehicle in accordance with Montana law.

The knowledge test consists of 33 multiple choice questions that are important to the safe operation of a motor vehicle and Montana laws and driving practices. The questions are based on the information provided in the manual.

A passing score consist of at least 27 correct answers.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors
This road sign means
keep right
no turn on red
do not pass
do not enter- wrong way
You are driving behind another vehicle. You notice that the driver is driving with one hand, talking to a passenger. You as a driver:
Know that you should give the vehicle ahead extra room.
Know that the driver in the vehicle ahead is reducing his safety margin by being an inattentive driver.
Know that you should avoid this bad habit.
All of the above.
This sign means:
Buggy warning
Do not block intersection
Limited parking
Stop ahead
When a school bus is stopped and has its read warning lights on
you only need to stop if you see children present
you never need to stop
it is against the law to pass it
you don't need to stop if you're in a school yard
When driving in bad weather, drivers should:
Increase the "two-second" rule
Increase speed to reach final destination more quickly
None of the above
Decrease the "two-second" rule
Certain highway signs and markings contain information about hazardous conditions. Such signs are known as:
Warning signs.
Guide signs.
Information signs.
Regulatory signs.
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