Missouri driver's examination

(From the 2018 Missouri driver handbook)
Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 20
Directions: The Missouri driver examination consists of a four-part test:
  • A written test on traffic laws and rules for safe driving
  • A vision test
  • A road sign test
  • A driving test (skills)
Carefully studying the Missouri Driver Guide will increase your driving confidence and broaden your knowledge of Missouri traffic laws. The more knowledge you have, the safer you are!

The written test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. You must correctly answer 20 questions to pass the test. All of the test questions come directly from information found in the Missouri Driver guide.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
5 or fewer errors
This sign means:
Pedestrians only.
Intersection ahead.
Hiking trails ahead.
School crossing ahead.
Which of the following is used on some highways to direct drivers into the proper lanes for turning?
Flashing red lights.
Flashing yellow lights.
White lines on the side of the road.
White arrows in the middle of the lanes.
In Missouri, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level at which it is illegal for an adult driver to operate a motor vehicle is:
.08% or more
.05% or more
.020% or more
.008% or more
Double solid yellow lines painted down the middle of the road mean:
railroad crossing ahead
pedestrian crossing ahead
passing is not permitted in either direction
passing is permitted in either direction
are nothing to worry about
are a good thing to have on your driver record
are helpful if you want to get a job driving
are something you don’t want on your driver record
The minimum and maximum speed limits on Missouri interstate highways are:
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