To receive this endorsement, applicants must pass a test consisting of 20 multiple choice questions. Each

Number of Question
Passing Score

1. How is water and compressor oil removed from the bottom of an air storage tank?

Water and compressor oil are removed from air storage tanks through a drain valve. The water and oil can damage the brakes if left to accumulate in the system. Manually operated tanks must be drained every day to remove this build-up.

2. A pre-trip inspection:

A pre-trip vehicle inspection should be done in the same way every time. Consistency will help a driver learn all of the proper steps and decrease the possibility of the driver forgetting to inspect something.

3. After picking up passengers at a stop, a driver should:

You should start and stop as smoothly as possible to help prevent passenger injury. After passengers have boarded your bus at a stop, you should allow them time to be seated or to brace themselves before you begin driving.

4. A disruptive passenger should be:

Even if a passenger is disruptive, a bus driver is still responsible for their safety. The passenger should be discharged in a safe place, either at the next scheduled stop or in another well-lit area where other people are present.

5. If you identify a distracted driver on the road, you should:

If you encounter a driver who seems distracted on the road, you should give them plenty of room and maintain a safe following distance.

6. When checking your windshield wiper blades, the blades should be:

When inspecting your vehicle, you should check the wiper blades for damage, stiff rubber, and proper securement.

7. For a basic vehicle control skills test, you are expected to be able to:

Maneuvers that may be included in the basic vehicle control skills test include straight line backing, offset back/right parking, offset back/left parking, driver side parallel parking, conventional parallel parking, and alley docking.
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