Maryland driver's examination

(From the 2017 Maryland driver handbook)
Number of tests: 13
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 22
Directions: Licensing requirements include a vision screening, a knowledge test, and a driving skills test on the satisfactory operation of a motor vehicle.

The knowledge test for your learner's permit is based on information contained in this driver’s manual. To pass the knowledge test, you must demonstrate a basic understanding of Maryland traffic laws. The Knowledge tests include 25 multiple choice questions

If you answer at least 22 questions correctly from the sample test found here AND you have thoroughly read the "Maryland Driver's Handbook" and "All You Need to Know About Your Driver's License", you will be well prepared to take the knowledge test for your learner's permit.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
3 or fewer errors
This road sign means:
Road widens
Right lane ends
Highway entrance ramp
What is the only effective way to remove alcohol from the body?
Cold Shower
Strong coffee
This sign means:
Traffic Signal Ahead
Yield Right-of-Way
This sign means:
Pedestrians must not cross here.
Pedestrians walking along the road ahead.
Pedestrian crossing ahead.
Which of these statements is true about drugs and driving is true
Even over the counter drugs can impair your driving
Only illegals drugs can impair your driving
Any prescription drug is safe to use if you don't feel drowsy
This road sign means:
Turning on red signal is prohibited
Left turns are prohibited
All traffic must go straight
This sign shows one type of:
Right turn
Lane change
This sign tells you that:
There are a series of curves ahead
The road narrows ahead
No turns are allowed on this road
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