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Maryland CDL Permit Test - Combination

Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 16
Directions: All applicants who are applying for a Class A CDL should be prepared to take the Combination test. This test covers information found in Section 6 of the Maryland Commercial Driver License Manual. Section 6 provides the information needed to safely operate tractor-trailers, doubles, triples, and straight trucks with trailers. The test is made up of 20 multiple-choice and true/false questions, and applicants will need to correctly answer a minimum of 16 questions to pass. The Combination test is not a replacement for the Double/Triple endorsement test.
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The "crack-the-whip" effect can:

Turn over a trailer.
Be more effective than braking.
Make a truck move faster.

When a combination vehicle goes around a corner:

The vehicle must use at least two lanes.
The front and rear wheels will move in different paths.
It is best to allow the rear wheels to drive over the curb.

Look into the back of the fifth wheel:

While testing your air brakes.
If your vehicle begins to skid.
When inspecting a coupling.

Bobtail tractors are ____ to stop than tractors attached to full semitrailers.

More difficult

The trailer hand valve should be used:

Regularly to activate the trailer brakes in all driving conditions.
Only to test the trailer brakes.
Only in inclement weather when the trailer may skid.
Only if the trailer is carrying a load.

In a combination rig, it is best to make:

Quick, sudden stops.
Sharp turns.
Quick accelerations.
Slow, planned stops.

If you are backing and become unsure about your path of travel, you should:

Continue backing.
Stop and get out to look.
Continue backing, but more slowly than before.
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