Louisiana driver's examination

Number of tests: 10
Number of questions: 40
Passing score: 32
Directions: All first time applicants must successfully pass the knowledge test confirming your understanding of traffic signs and signals, as well as safe driving practices and Louisiana laws relative to driving. The test contains multiple choice questions that are taken from the information contained in this manual. The exam is given on a computer in most offices and you must correctly answer 80 percent of these questions to receive a passing score. Proper identification is required each time the test is taken.
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Passing grade —
8 or fewer errors
Before backing up, you should:
Flash your lights
Open your door to see if it is clear to proceed
Rely on your mirrors to see if it is clear to proceed
Turn your head and look through the rear window
When parking you vehicle down hill on a two way street:
turn your wheels to the right
keep your wheels pointed straight ahead
turn your wheels to the left
leave your transmission in neutral
who must yield when a driver is turning and a pedestrian is crossing without A traffic light?
Whoever is slower
The driver
The pedestrian
Whoever started last
Anything that requires you to _______ could cause you to crash.
Take your eyes off the road
Take your attention away from the driving task
Take your hands off the wheel
All of the above
A steady yellow light at an intersection means:
Slow down and prepare to stop
Yield to other cars
When you drive through an area where children are playing, you should expect them:
To stop at the curb before crossing the street
Not to cross unless they are with an adult
To know when it is safe to cross
To run out in front of you without looking
If you stop at a railroad crossing with more than one track:
Go through as soon as the train passes
Stop on the railroad track and watch for another train
Go through when one of the tracks is free
Wait until you have a clear view of both tracks
Worn or bald tires
can make turning more difficult
all of the above
can increase your stopping distance
can cause hydroplaning
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