Louisiana driver's examination

Number of tests: 10
Number of questions: 40
Passing score: 32
Directions: All first time applicants must successfully pass the knowledge test confirming your understanding of traffic signs and signals, as well as safe driving practices and Louisiana laws relative to driving. The test contains multiple choice questions that are taken from the information contained in this manual. The exam is given on a computer in most offices and you must correctly answer 80 percent of these questions to receive a passing score. Proper identification is required each time the test is taken.
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Passing grade —
8 or fewer errors
At night, slow down and always:
Use sunglasses to reduce glare from headlights.
Use your dome light to help you see your speedometer.
Use your high beams until other drivers dim their lights.
Use high beams whenever there are no oncoming vehicles.
You may avoid the risks of alcohol-related crashes by
calling a taxi
simply saying " No thanks, I'm driving" if someone offers you a drink
doing any of the above
deciding before you start drinking that you are not going to drive
When driving in rain, you must
use no lights
use parking lights
use low beam headlights
use high beam headlights
This sign means:
Limited parking
Do not block intersection
Stop ahead
Buggy warning
If you drink alcohol socially, what helps insure safe driving
Ride home with a friend who has not been drinking.
Take a cold shower before driving.
Drink coffee before driving.
Stop drinking one-half hour before driving.
You are coming to an intersection with a yellow flashing light. You should:
Make a U-turn; the intersection is closed.
Prepare to stop; the light is about to turn red.
Drive carefully through the intersection.
Stop and wait for the light to change.
Alcohol causes
loss of concentration
slower judgment
all of the above
poor judgment
This road sign means
all of the above
you are about to enter a one way street the wrong way
U-turns are prohibited
you may proceed if the way is clear
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