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Colorado Motorcycle Permit Test

Number of tests: 16
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 21
Directions: To obtain a motorcycle license in Colorado you must pass a knowledge test and on-cycle skills test. The knowledge test consists of 25 questions from the Colorado Motorcycle Operator’s Manual. Each question has four answer choices. To pass you must receive a score of 21 or better. There is no motorcycle manual in Spanish. However, the test may be taken in Spanish.
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Keep an expanded cushion of space between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you:

When conditions will make stopping more difficult than usual.
When you want to look at the scenery.
To encourage other drivers to cut you off.
To prevent the driver in front of you from knowing you are there.

If you must brake and swerve to avoid a hazard, you should:

Do one, then the other.
Do both at the same time.
Always apply the brakes first, then swerve.
Try instead to use only the brakes.

It is a good idea to wear reflective clothing:

At night.
During the day.
At dusk.
All of the above.

To carry a passenger, you must have:

An extra set of foot pegs for the passenger.
A seat that accommodates two people.
Proper gear for both yourself and the passenger.
All of the above.

Experienced riders use the acronym "SIPDE" as a way to remain aware of conditions around them. What does the "E" stand for in "SIPDE?"


To lessen your chances of being involved in an accident, you should:

Ride within a foot of the vehicle in front of you.
Wear dark clothing.
Signal only when you feel like it.
Stay alert and be prepared to act to avoid a crash.
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