West Virginia driver's examination

Number of tests: 14
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 19
Directions: The West Virginia knowledge exam has 25 questions based on the basic knowledge, traffic rules, signs, regulations, and markings found in the handbook. Automated testing is given at all locations. You must answer 19 out of the 25 questions correctly to pass the test. There is a time limit on the test and any questions not answered in the prescribed time will be considered incorrect.
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Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors
When changing lanes, you can check your blind spot by:
Using the inside rearview mirror
Using the outside rearview mirror
Using both inside and outside rearview mirrors.
Turning your head and looking over your shoulder.
To enter a freeway:
Signal and enter the freeway. Freeway traffic must yield.
Make a complete stop before entering the freeway.
Signal, yield, and enter at the same speed that traffic is moving.
Drive slowly so you can check traffic.
To reduce the effects of headlight glare at night, you should look:
At the center of the road
Over your shoulder.
Straight ahead.
To the right edge of the road.
If someone is driving aggressively behind you, you should:
Speed up as he or she is passing you
Stare at the driver as he or she is passing you
Block the passing lane
Try to get out of the aggressive driver’s way
This sign means:
Uncontrolled intersection ahead.
Emergency vehicles ahead.
Traffic signals ahead.
4-way stop ahead.
When parking you vehicle down hill on a two way street:
keep your wheels pointed straight ahead
turn your wheels to the right
leave your transmission in neutral
turn your wheels to the left
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