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Driver's Permit | Texas 2021

(From the 2021 Texas driver handbook)
Number of tests: 24
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 21
Directions: Directions: In accordance with the Less Tears More Years Act, all applicants aged under 25 are obliged to take a driver's education course before applying for a Texas driving license. Upon successful completion of the course, all applicants have to take the driver's test.
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Drivers may not park within ____ of a railroad crossing.

50 feet
65 feet
100 feet
80 feet

Which of the following commonly causes traffic accidents?

Inattentive driving
Excessive speed under the driving conditions
Following other vehicles too closely
All of the above

When a traffic signal light turns green, you should:

Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.
Accelerate as quickly as possible.
Back up slowly.
Not move until another driver waves you on.

When driving in a construction zone, you should be prepared:

To stop.
To change lanes.
For unexpected movement from workers or equipment.
All of the above.

This sign is a warning that you are approaching:

new york railroad crossing road sign
An intersection.
A crosswalk.
A railroad crossing.
A blasting zone.

Which of the following does not happen after drinking?

Your reflexes and reaction time slow down.
Your judgement of speed and distance is distorted.
You are less alert.
You calm down and can concentrate better.
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