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New York CDL Permit Test - Bus

Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 16
Directions: This endorsement is required for driving a school bus. To receive this endorsement, applicants must pass a test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Each question has four answer choices. To pass, the applicant must answer at least 16 questions correctly. Test questions come from the New York State Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Handbook. Questions come from chapters covering: School Buses, Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test, Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test and On-Road Driving. The applicant must also obtain the Passenger endorsement. The School Bus endorsement can be used with the Class A, B or C CDL.
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At railroad crossings, bus drivers:

Do not need to stop.
Do not need to stop, but must reduce their speed to 25 mph below the posted speed limit.
Do not need to stop, but must open the door to listen for trains.
Must stop and check for any approaching trains.

If a bus has a restroom, the restroom must include:

An emergency buzzer.
A window.
Two exits.
Paper towels.

Which of the following is likely to result in the most student deaths per year?

Students loading and unloading a school bus
Accidents involving drunk drivers
Accidents involving negligence
Accidents in which drivers ignore traffic signals or signs

When passengers ride a bus:

Leaving items in the aisle is acceptable.
Leaving items in the aisle is acceptable while everyone is seated.
There should be no obstacles in the aisle.
An item may be left in the aisle if there is an orange cone beside it.

The overhead inside rearview mirror:

Allows the driver to see what is happening inside of the bus.
Allows the driver to see what is happening outside of the bus.
Monitors traffic.
Opens and closes the door.

Before driving a bus that has been left unattended:

The vehicle should be thoroughly washed.
Air should be removed from tires.
The interior should be checked for damage.
The driver should look for any animals that may have gotten onboard.

Buses must never carry ____ in the space occupied by passengers.

Small arms ammunition
An oxygen tank
Radioactive materials
Passengers who are drunk
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