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2022 Mississippi Permit Test 19

The following questions are from real DMV written tests. These are some of the actual permit questions you will face in..

The following questions are from real DMV written tests. These are some of the actual permit questions you will face in Mississippi. Each permit practice test question has three answer choices. Select one answer for each question and select "grade this section." You can find this button at the bottom of the drivers license quiz. For a complete list of questions and answers for Mississippi please visit https://cheat-sheets.dmv-written-test.com/en/mississippi/car.

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A pentagon-shaped sign is a:

illinois-school 2
A five-sided sign is used to alert drivers to a school zone. Some pentagonal signs specifically indicate crosswalks within school zones where children or other pedestrians may be present.

Your license can be suspended if you are under 21 and drive with a blood alcohol level of:

There is zero tolerance for alcohol use by drivers under age 21. If you are under 21, the detection of any trace of alcohol in your system will result in stiff penalties, including the suspension of your license for two years.

What should you do if you are being approached by an emergency vehicle using its flashing lights?

The law requires motorists to move over for police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances using flashing lights and sirens or air horns. Drivers should pull over to the right edge of the road, or as near to the right edge as possible. If you are in an intersection, drive through the intersection before pulling over.

A broken yellow line beside a solid yellow line indicates that:

A broken yellow line alongside a solid yellow line means that traffic in the lane next to the broken line may cross the line to pass, while traffic in the lane next to the solid line may not.

If your vehicle has a mechanical problem:

If your vehicle breaks down on a highway, make sure other drivers can see it. Get your vehicle off the road and away from traffic if at all possible and turn on your emergency flashers to show that you are having trouble.

This sign means:

tennessee-slippery when wet
This sign warns that the road ahead becomes slippery when wet.

Sudden wind gusts on highways:

While it can create special problems for large vehicles, strong wind can cause problems for all drivers. Wind can lower visibility by blowing dirt and dust into the roadway, but it can sometimes also physically move a vehicle.

If weather conditions are poor, drivers should:

Drivers should decrease their speed when driving under unfavorable weather conditions. The posted speed limits are intended only for the most ideal conditions.
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