Massachusetts CDL Permit Test - Class A

Number of questions: 50
Passing score: 40
Directions: This license is required for driving any legal combination of vehicles, with a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, provided the GVWR of a trailer exceeds 10,000 pounds To receive this license, applicants must pass a 50-question test. To pass, applicants must answer 40 questions correctly. Each question has four possible answer choices. Test questions come from the Commercial Driver License Manual. Questions come from chapters covering: Introduction, Driving Safely, Transporting Cargo Safely, Air Brakes (if applicable), Combination, Doubles and Hazardous Materials. Endorsements that may be used with a Class A CDL are: Hazardous materials, Tank, Passenger, HazMat and Tank, Air Brakes and School bus.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
10 or fewer errors
When driving at highway speeds, you should watch the road about ____ ahead of your vehicle.
One block
100 yards
One quarter mile
One mile
How much water is needed to hydroplane?
Usually several inches
A good amount, such as a large puddle
A small amount
No water
When driving through a curve during the skills test, you should:
Veer from your lane if needed to complete the curve.
Reduce your speed after entering the curve.
Refrain from looking for other vehicles while turning.
Reduce your speed before entering the curve.
What does the air compressor governor do?
Controls when the air compressor pumps air into the air storage tanks
Controls how fast the air is pumped into the air storage tanks
Controls the temperature of air pumped into the air storage tanks
Controls the speed of the vehicle
When driving with cargo, once the cargo is secured:
You can complete the entire trip without checking it
You can drive at least 8 hours without checking it
You should check it every 3 hours or 150 miles
You should not check it
When backing, you should:
Do it quickly to get out of other people’s way
Try not to use the mirrors
Start from any position
Use a helper if possible
If looking ahead you identify a large box in your lane, you should:
Slow down
Speed up
Not be worried because another vehicle will likely hit it before your vehicle
Swerve into other lanes of traffic
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