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Massachusetts CDL Permit Test - Tank

Number of questions: 20
Passing score: 16
Directions: This endorsement is required to haul any liquid or gaseous materials in a tank or tanks having a capacity of 1,000 gallons or more that is either permanently or temporarily attached to the vehicle or chassis. To receive this endorsement, applicants must pass a test. The test consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Each question has four possible answer choices. To pass, the applicant must answer at least 16 questions correctly. Test questions come from the Commercial Driver License Manual. Questions come from chapters covering: Driving Safely, Tank Vehicles, Hazardous Materials and Combination Vehicles. The Tank endorsement can be used with the Class A, B or C CDL.
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Due to the risk of liquid surge in tanks, you should:

Accelerate slowly.
Accelerate quickly.
Swerve often.
Drive on the shoulder.


Are not usually necessary when driving at night.
Provide better light than the sun.
Should be on the high beam setting whenever possible.
Should always be on the high beam setting.

After finishing a pre-trip inspection, you should:

Leave the rear shut-off valves open.
Remove the service line valve.
Close the emergency line valve.
Leave the emergency line valve open.

During a pre-trip inspection, belts in the engine compartment should be:

Checked for tightness.
Inspected only if they seem frayed.
Left alone and not inspected.

When a construction worker is close to the road, you should:

Increase your speed.
Decrease your speed.
Not drive in any lane.
Wait to proceed until the construction is complete.

When driving, your mirrors should:

Not be used, as they are distracting.
Not be used unless there is traffic.
Be checked regularly.
Be checked regularly, but only if it is cloudy.

After a trip:

A vehicle should be placed out-of-service.
A vehicle's oil should be changed.
A vehicle's after-trip inspection should be completed.
A vehicle's battery should be disconnected.
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