Hawaii CDL Permit Test - Class A

Number of questions: 50
Passing score: 40
Directions: This license is required for driving any legal combination of vehicles, with a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, provided the GVWR of a trailer exceeds 10,000 pounds To receive this license, applicants must pass a 50-question test. To pass, applicants must answer 40 questions correctly. Each question has three possible answer choices. Test questions come from the Hawaii Commercial Driver License Manual. Questions come from chapters covering: Introduction, Driving Safely, Transporting Cargo Safely, Air Brakes (if applicable), Combination, Doubles and Hazardous Materials. Endorsements that may be used with a Class A CDL are: Hazardous materials, Tank, Passenger, HazMat and Tank, Air Brakes and School bus.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
10 or fewer errors
If another driver is tailgating you, you should:
Move to the left lane
Speed up
Increase your following distance with the vehicle in front
Broken suspension parts:
Are extremely dangerous
Should be repaired, but not immediately
Cannot be identified
When loading cargo, weight should be placed:
As high as possible.
As low as possible.
As far back as possible.
If you realize you may be late to your destination, you should:
Speed up
Get upset
Deal with it and drive a safe speed
When starting from a stop,
The vehicle should jerk forward
The vehicle should roll backwards
The vehicle should not move backward
What kind of brakes do most newer heavy duty trucks use?
Single air brakes
Dual air brakes
Triple air brakes
If convicted of a traffic violation (except parking) in your personal car:
You must tell your employer
The CDL will not be affected since the violation is on your personal license
You should not tell your employer
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