Delaware driver's examination

(From the 2017 Delaware driver handbook)
Number of tests: 12
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 24
Directions: To drive safely in Delaware, you need good eyesight and coordination, a sound knowledge and understanding of Delaware’s traffic laws.

All applicants for a driver license must pass a written test that covers Ohio motor vehicle regulations and traffic signs.

The test contains 20 road rule questions and 10 sign questions.The applicant must correctly answer 80% or 24 questions to pass the test.
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors
This sign means:
Two-Way Traffic
Warning of a Change in Direction or Narrowing of Roadway
School Zone and Crossing
When you are behind a motorcycle, you should:
Be ready to use the horn
Allow more following distance
Drive more slowly
This sign means
You have the right of way
Let cross traffic go by first.
Car on the right goes first.
You are approaching an intersection with a traffic signal indicating a steady yellow light. If you have not already entered the intersection, you should:
reduce you speed and proceed carefully through the intersection
speed up to beat the red light
come to a safe stop
If your car's suspension is bad, it can cause:
Squealing brakes
Play in the steering
Vehicle control problems
Give the right-of-way to any pedestrian who is:
Crossing any street
In a marked crosswalk
In any crosswalk or intersection
A green arrow on a traffic light means:
You can turn in that direction after you come to a complete stop
You can turn in that direction
You may not turn in that direction
When driving in a construction zone:
Construction workers must yield to roadway users
Slightly increase your speed
Expect the unexpected
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