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Train Online: Driving Test South Dakota 2020

Number of tests: 24
Number of questions: 25
Passing score: 20
Directions: To receive a South Dakota driving license, you are required to pass a driving test to demonstrate your knowledge of South Dakota traffic laws and road signs. The tests offered by the DMV in South Dakota include questions about traffic laws and road signs. The online DMV knowledge test measures your basic understanding of traffic rules. The practice test for driving consists of multiple choice questions that are important to the safe operation of a motor vehicle, including traffic signs, pavement markings and South Dakota laws and driving practices.
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5 or fewer errors
South Dakota law requires ____ to use safety belts in a moving vehicle.
Only operators
Only children
Children, front seat passengers, and operators
You should use your horn when:
Another vehicle is in your way.
It may help prevent a collision.
Another driver makes a mistake.
Backing your vehicle is:
Always dangerous.
Dangerous if you have a helper.
Only dangerous in large vehicles.
What should you do with loose objects in your motor vehicle?
Place them on the floor near the driver's seat.
Secure them to avoid additional driving hazards.
Place them on the dashboard.
This sign indicates a:
district of columbia railroad crossing ahead road sign
Railroad crossing.
Pedestrian crossing.
No passing zone.
It is legal to make a left turn at a red traffic light after stopping only if:
You are traveling on a two-way street and turning onto a two-way street.
You are traveling on a one-way street and turning onto another one-way street.
You yield to all other traffic at the intersection.
When used on roadways, bicycles are considered:
When a bicyclist is making a left turn:
They may use the left lane.
They may cut through all lanes.
They may wait on the side of the road.
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