South Carolina CDL Permit Test - HazMat

Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 24
Directions: This endorsement is required to haul hazardous materials as defined in Title 49, CFR, ยง383.5. To receive this endorsement, drivers must also pass a Transportation Security Administration background check. To receive this endorsement, applicants must pass a test. The test consists of 30 multiple choice questions. To pass, the applicant must answer at least 24 questions correctly. Each question has two, three or four possible answer choices. Test questions come from the South Carolina Commercial Driver License Manual. Questions come from the chapter covering: Hazardous Materials. The Hazardous Materials endorsement can be used with Class A, B and C CDL.
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Passing grade —
6 or fewer errors
Placards showing the type of hazardous material in a vehicle are usually what shape?
Tall rectangle
If there is a collision involving a vehicle transporting Class 1 explosives, the driver should:
Not warn others of the danger
Allow smoking near the vehicle
Keep explosives inside the vehicle until after the separating vehicle
Remove the explosives before separating vehicles
What is used to warn others of hazardous materials?
Flashing lights
Color coded pieces of tape
A sticker on the license plate
Placards must be placed:
In any manner, as long as it is visible
So words or numbers are read from left to right
Upside down
Within three inches of other markings
If you identify hazardous materials leaking while you are driving, you should:
Drive to find a phone booth
Park the vehicle
Leave the area to find help
Drive around looking for a person to repair it
If transporting hazardous materials and the cargo is on fire, you should:
Try to put it out with a fire extinguisher
Contact emergency personnel and let them battle the fire
Contine driving to the fire department
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